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Gene Hill Basketball Camps at Georgia State
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 Refund Policy


  • For all team camps, there is a non-refundable $100 registration deposit to hold your spot for camp. You may register your team without the deposit, but we cannot guarantee your spot until the deposit has been paid.
  • If you pay in full and you need to cancel at least 72 hours prior to camp, then we refund the full registration fee minus the $100 non-refundable deposit. If you cancel within the 72 hours prior to camp, you will forfeit the whole registration fee.
  • If you unable to attend one camp but you can attend the other, we are able to transfer the deposit to the other camp.


  • For Elite Camp, you may cancel and get a full refund up to 72 hours before camp. If you cancel within the 72 hours prior to camp, you will forfeit the full registration fee barring a medical reason.
  • We understand that medical issues may arise over the summer or just as your child is set to attend camp.  Please call us as soon as possible to inform us of your need to cancel.  We will ask that you submit a written excuse from your child's physician.  

 Game Rules

  1. All games will follow GHSA rules with the exception of length of quarters including overtime, and free throw rules.
  2. All games will consist of four-10 minute quarters with a running clock. The clock will only stop under 1 minute in the 4th quarter.
  3. Each game will start at the designated game time, however if a game runs late each team will get a minimum 3 minutes to warm up.
  4. FOULS
    1. There will be no tracking of INDIVIDUAL fouls, so players cannot foul out; HOWEVER we will keep track of team fouls. Team fouls will reset at the half.
      • There will ONLY be shooting fouls under 1 minute in the 4th qtr. Free throw rules will follow GHSA guidelines.
      •  Prior to the 4th quarter under 1 min
        • If there is a foul on the floor, then possession of the ball will go to the team that was fouled.
        • If there is a shooting foul, there will be no shooting of free throws. Players will receive 2 points or 3 points (designated by the officials) on shooting fouls, except on made baskets.
        • On And 1 fouls, you will only get the 1 point in addition to the made basket (i.e 3 pts total on a 2-pt basket and 4pts total on a 3-pt basket)
  5. Each team will have three 30 second timeouts for the game. 
  6. There is 1 minute in between quarters and 3 minutes for halftime.
  7. Overtime will be SUDDEN DEATH.  First team to score will win the game. Each coach will receive one time out during OT.  All remaining timeouts from regulation will NOT carryover. 
  8. Each team will need to complete a roster (numbers only) on the score sheet if there are numbers on jerseys.
  9. All coaches, players, and spectators must respect and show good sportsmanship towards all officials, members of the opposing team, and camp staff. Any violation of this rule can result in removal from the gym.

 When is the deadline to register and pay for camp?

Registration/Payment Deadlines

  • Team Camp I- May 31st
  • Team Camp II- June 3rd
  • Elite Camp- June 5th

-$100 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your spot for all team camps
-Please see the refund policy FAQ for information on refunds.

 Are any of the camps overnight camps?

-No, none of the camps are overnight camps.

 Is lunch provided during camp?

-Lunch is not provided, but there will be a full concession stand with pizza, hot dogs, chips, granola bars, fruit, candy, water, PowerAde, and soda.
-There are other restaurants in the area to purchase food and drinks, but outside food/drinks are not allowed in the arena.

 Where do we park?


  • Parking in G-Deck will remain open throughout the project.
  • After February 19th, you will not be able to exit G-Deck to the Collins St. Pedestrian access to/from G-Deck will be from Central Ave. or through Classroom South. We will be working with the contractor to provide sufficient wayfinding signage for this change; both for employees and fans attending our events.

After February 19th, there will be NO PARKING ON COLLINS ST. We have been cleared to use the new Decatur Street striped “loading zone” (see map); located on the Arena side of the street. This will be a loading zone (busses/vans/deliveries) and not a parking zone. Please do not use this area for more than 90 min. as there will be others looking to utilize it as well.

 Is there spectator seating?

Yes, there will be spectator seating during both team and elite camps.

 Will there be an Athletic Trainer on site?

Yes, there will be athletic trainer on site for the duration of all camps. The AT will be located on the 4th floor on one of the courts. In the event of a medical emergency, Grady Hospital is two blocks from the Sports Arena.

For all other questions, please contact Kevin Leatherwood at 434-466-9885 or